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5 August 2013
Exam Essay The author of this report is to answer to the Kaiser case study presented for this exam essay. This answer will be divided into five major sections, those being utilitarianism, rights, justice, caring and virtue. A conclusion with the author’s judgment of the facts and developments within the Kaiser case study will be included as well. For the five major sections, the elements and application of each major subheading will be explained and synthesized in great detail. While Kaiser’s shift in hiring and training practices was a good step forward overall, it was not without some tradeoffs and pitfalls.

Utilitarianism Utilitarianism, per the Velazquez
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For example, the aforementioned aggrieved white people that were on the short end of the stick when the federal authorities identified racism at Kaiser probably felt that they fairness and equity were denied from them. However, the move is still seen as justice for black people to get them on equal footing much sooner than if true equality alone was allowed to run unimpeded for years or decades. The reapportionment of racial composition at Kaiser still would have happened with all else being equal. However, it would have taken a lot longer because blacks have never been anywhere near fifty percent of the population nationally. Further, they were just over a third of the population in the area of Louisiana that housed the Kaiser plant. One major reason for this was the also aforementioned lack of skilled black trade workers due to factors that had little if anything to do with Kaiser. The problem with justice, as made clear by the Kaiser case study and similar situations and legal actions, is that giving justice to all is not always possible. Another real-world example, both ancient and modern, would be Israel vs. Palestine. Many people assess and summarize what could be done to fix that entire mess. However, there is no singular solution that the majority of both sides would ever embrace, at least that is the way it seems at times

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