Shaw's Arguments For Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action
In Shaw’s article he gives four arguments for affirmative action that are counter arguments to others. In this paper I will talk about one of his responses and why I disagree with it. I plan to argue that many companies do not want to hire people of other races, ethnicities, or genders because they may not trust these people for various reasons.
According to Shaw, affirmative action is designed to make the hiring process of companies more fair. It is supposed to make the process more equal for people who have before been denied the right to employment due to their race, gender or sexual orientation. It is used in helping to eliminate or reduce discrimination. It’s a program designed to make the hiring or the admittance of
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race-conscious plans, is that giving one person a job over another person based on race or gender is not morally justified because it is just something Shaw calls “reverse discrimination”. Reverse discrimination is favoring people that belong to a group that have been discriminated against in the past. A lot of times people confuse reverse discrimination with something they call “reverse racism”. Reverse discrimination is not intended to create a role reversal between the minorities and the majorities. It is used to explain some of the actions taken to make job opportunities more equal by giving people who have been discriminated against. Many people against affirmative action believe that people should become “colorblind” because distinctions based on color should be illegal (Shaw 763). We as a community cannot just become “colorblind” over night as stated in Shaw’s …show more content…
First, a lot of companies hire in people who they feel they can trust and want to work with. The problem with this is that a lot of people, even though it’s wrong, do not trust people of a different race, ethnicity or gender. It might not even be a trust issue from the standpoint that they think they will steal from them; it might be a lack of trust from an intellectual standpoint, that somehow people of a different race, ethnicity or gender can’t be trusted on the same intellectual level as those in the majority. The reason some smaller companies discriminate is because they don’t want to work with people they don’t trust.
A work place needs to have trust and communication. Having a problem with someone based on their race, ethnicity or gender, is not an acceptable reason to jeopardize the entire company especially because ethnicity, gender and race aren’t things you get to choose at birth. Due to this the likelihood of mistakes being made increases drastically. I agree with Shaw in saying that we need to work on the problem of discrimination in the workplace but I think we need to take these factors into consideration as well and an overnight fix to discrimination is not going to

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