Case Study Of Ivan Korsky

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Ivan Korsky is a talented employee of the organization. He is a top software developer with ten-time productivity advantage over the next best employee and also a brilliant architect and a great communicator. Microsoft and other companies have tried to hire him a couple of times and the only reason IVK has benefitted is due to absence of the tech companies in the area. Ivan is assigned with Alpha3 project that is almost due and can have a major setback if not completed on time. The only way this project can be completed on time is if Ivan works on it immediately. However, Ivan has been busy with something entirely unrelated-his “pet project” that is aimed at getting rid of software patents. He is using IVK’s resources for personal
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The issue is the employee’s lack of understanding of the cost their employer has to bear due to their unproductiveness and in many cases not knowing how to manage their time (NZ Business, 2011). Korsky is a very talented individual. His exceptional talent and intelligence also makes him a very difficult employee. As the top performer at IVK, Korsky is expected engage his time and focus towards the Alpha3 project but he is clearly not into his assigned job. The issue is the lack of management and employee motivation. Gordon, as a leader has failed to motivate her staff and build a relationship of trust, transparency and clear accountability. Managing a talented employee such as Korsky is a challenge considering his options in the market, however, Rachel Dotson suggests, managers should set clear boundaries and have an open communication and pair them with a mentor if they want to retain the talented employees (Dotson, 2013). As IVK cannot afford to loose a Korsky, they should have an open conversation to set his priorities. It does not make sense to compromise an important project such as Aplha3 over his pet project. Better pay incentives, performance measurement and encouraging time management on side projects can be helpful to keep employees on …show more content…
Korsky has potential of moving to a higher management position due to his unique talents. Making sure that such rare talent is motivated and works for the benefit of IVK is important. Barton and Gordon have to have a clear conversation with Korskey and make sure he understands his priorities. He is a rare talent and his pet project can be a motivator. However, better time management would be helpful to separate “personal” versus “professional”

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