Case Study of Innovation at 3M Essays

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Creativity & innovation is important for enterprises, especially high-tech corporations. In the trend of extensive globalization, it is almost impossible for any enterprise to survive in the business world without seeking help from creative innovations. The paper focuses on significance of creativity & innovation in the operation of a famous company----3M. 3M is a manufacturing company that has a long history, it has a series of well-known products and brands. The first part of the paper will identify and discuss three issues in the case study of 3M, which intrigues me the most. In the next part of the paper, the creative innovation method used in 3M will be hypothetically applied to an electronic company in Hong Kong; the
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3M not only pays attention to the reaction of market and consumers, it also intends to affect the market or consumers needs by thorough interactions. This means that the consumers are not only able to share the innovation outcomes of 3M, but also involving in the innovation making process.

II. 3M’s innovation method applied in a Hong Kong organization
Hypothetically speaking, if 3M’s approach is introduced in an organization in Hong Kong, China. Will it be successful or not? The situation might be very complicated. Because Hong Kong is part of China, though it adopted the capitalism system, it follows the many Chinese traditions. Especially since Hong Kong came back to China in 1997, many corporations and organizations there are under great influence from Mainland China, some of them are even nationalized. In these companies or organizations, the cultural atmosphere is distinctively from 3M. So, it is hard to decide whether the 3M experiences can be successfully transplanted in Hong Kong.

First, the organizational structure and management in Hong Kong company may be more bureaucratic than 3M. The decisions and orders are passing through to the employees through many tiers of the organization. This is not good news for the implementation of 3M method, since innovative ideas will be difficult to get to senior level of the company and cause adequate attention from the managerial level. (Bharadwaj & Menon, 2000) As a result, the time from

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