Effectiveness Of The HPV Vaccine

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With Gardasil 9 there were 2 cases of HPV found 2 cases out of 8493 participants while the control had 225 cases which is a decrease in the prevalence of HPV by of 99. 8% (Gardasil 9, 2015). When compared to Gardasil, Gardasil 9 had a 96. 7% efficacy against types. These results were found over 5 trials done by the FDA. In men, it was slightly lower effectiveness but men are less likely to get HPV than women, but they can very easily spread it to their partners even if they don’t have an active infection. With Gardasil there was a 76. 3% reduction of prevalence of HPV than in the control group. With Gardasil 9 HPV has been decreased by 90.6% compared to the control group. Because over 85% of all cancers are caused by the strain 16 and 18 HPV, the vaccine would be highly combative when it comes to these strain (Dunne, 2012, p. 56). Overall the Gardasil vaccine is very effective at preventing HPV in both men and women. One aspect when it comes to effectivity of the HPV vaccine that is still being analyzed is whether or not it is effective after a long period of time and if a booster shot should be implemented. It also has been shown that even if a person is out of the approved age rage if it would still be effective a combating a Human papillomavirus infection. This is especially a topic of interest for people who have a higher predisposition for cervical cancer. Another question commonly asked is how …show more content…
The HPV vaccine called Gardasil has been proven to be very effective at preventing the strains of the virus that cause both cancer and general papillimomas. There are many controversies surrounding the vaccine but has still been proven to be safe, important in the prevention of HPV and creating herd immunity in communities. Both males and females should receive the human papillomavirus vaccine to protect them against HPV and the cancers it can

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