Gardasil Critique

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Gardasil: Should it be Mandatory?
A Rhetorical Critique
According to the Center for Menstrual Disorders and Reproductive Choice, 75-80% of sexually active adults will acquire a genital tract HPV infection before the age of fifty (STD 's: Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is the most frequently sexually transmitted disease with more than six million cases being reported each year. This disease can be deadly, turning into cervical cancer later in the patient’s life. Due to the epidemic levels of the disease, new precautions are being created to prevent it.
In the article “New Cervical Cancer Vaccine Should Not Be Mandatory,” the author made it clear that the Gardasil vaccine should not be mandated for children; however, the author is never named.
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The Center for Medical Consumers is simply a non-profit organization that aims to inform the public about different health issues. It may seem like a noncredible source, considering most people would expect to receive information regarding vaccines from trained medical professionals. However, the author of the article uses very credible outside sources, establishing trust from the reader. Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center, vaccine safety advocate, and author of many books regarding vaccinations is interviewed by the author of the article. Fisher is very educated in the field of vaccines, making her a credible source. She explains many of the issues she finds with the Gardasil vaccine: “The FDA has become partners with the vaccine manufacturers in fast tracking these vaccines and in the process, the precautionary principle has been thrown out” (qtd. in “New Cervical Cancer…” 2). Because of her knowledge in the field of vaccines, she gains much credibility for the article. The author uses Fisher to relate to the audience and present the article as credible. As a result, this is important so the readers know they can trust the author as a source of valuable …show more content…
Though the author uses outside sources to build credibility, the lack of pathos and logos present an unconvincing argument. Failing to appeal to pathos hurts the author’s argument because vaccines are a very controversial issue. Using contradicting statistics goes against the author’s main idea, ineffectively persuading the reader. In providing insufficient information for emotional connectivity and a logical argument, the author fails to persuade the reader the Gardasil vaccine should not be mandatory. Despite the fact the author is abortive in persuading the reader, parents should make sure they know the facts before deciding whether or not to give their children the HPV

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