Case Study Of Dunkin Donuts

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Register to read the introduction… Britain located in the European continent to the northwest of the British Isles, is surrounded by the North Sea, English Channel, Celtic Sea, Ireland Sea and Atlantic Ocean(3) (Oakland,2006). There are 244,100 square km (including inland water areas), there including England region 130,400 square kilometers, Scotland 78,800 square kilometers, Wales, 20,800 square kilometers, Northern Ireland, 13,600 square kilometers(3) (Oakland,2006). Britain is island nation located in Western Europe, across the North Sea, the Strait of Dover, and English Channel and facing the European continent(3) (Oakland,2006). It’s Geosphere border with the Republic of Ireland (3) (Oakland,2006). There are 11,450 kilometers Coastline totally (3) …show more content…
Weakness: not local brand; a lot of local competitors; no obvious price advantage; the number of branch
Opportunity: the habit of eating sweet food and drinking coffee in UK.
Threat: replaced by local brand because of no significant price advantage and low Brand recognition

5. 4 P’s Analysis
Product: high quality coffee and baked dessert food; Star products: American coffee, ice coffee, donuts and bagels; develop new product fit to taste of local people.
Place: near the school, city centre, near the railway station, near the Residential areas and near the stadium.
Price: parity price, because our target customers are almost all people, especially students, workers and common people
Promotion: advertised by TV, radio, website and other media channels, increase brand recognition among the local people; VIP card; free delivery;

6. Conclusion and

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