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Subject Title: Integrated Case Study -- Dell

Semester: Semester Three
Student: FEI WU
LSC ID: L0227CHSY1013
University ID: 20066978
Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Kumar

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Firstly: the commercial computer industry. Dell's main competitors are IBM, HP, and SUN. Before the mid-1990s, Dell never considered entering this market, but now, Dell has begun to enter the server market gradually. Its low server market share was over the industry leader Compaq in just three years time, with a 31% share topped the list. Their main secret is to follow the industry standard, to ignore the distinction between product manufacturers to the best of their ability, therefore, Dell's products became to the general- computing products. Secondly: the storage systems. Dell's main competitors are EMC, Hitachi and Hewlett-Packard. Generic products in this area is good, it is one of the main areas of Dell, however, Dell has less experience in the field, which led the company to expand in this area faced setbacks, fortunately Dell adjustments strategy in time, alliances with industry leader EMC actively promote the EMC product standards, so Dell quickly reversed the unfavourable situation, get the customer's recognition and support. Thirdly: the network exchange product areas. Dell's main competitors are Cisco Systems, Enterasys, Nortel Networks and 3Com. In the exchange network market, Dell's main direction is routers and switches. Currently, Dell’s pace in this field has become more cautious. Fourthly: the service areas. Dell's competitors include

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