Case Study Of Atoz Hockey

Register to read the introduction… - AtoZ hockey will base its competitive advantage on delivering a personable customer experience, unlike primary competitor SportChek, whose commission-based employees have relatively little in-depth knowledge of hockey equipment and lack a sense of passion for the game.
- AtoZ Hockey will benefit from its location in an upscale urban community with favorable demographics which include SES, number of children per family, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and potential partnership with King George Elementary School.
- AtoZ Hockey endeavours to build lasting personal relationships with its customers and involve itself in sponsoring Southwest-based community hockey teams at all levels.
- Strategically placed in a residential community with the nearest competitor located in a commercial district 9 kilometers North, AtoZ Hockey intends to capture a large portion of the hockey-playing market of Southwest.
- In addition, AtoZ Hockey will offer three on-ice training programs for amateur players of all ages. These programs vary in length and include power skating, puck skills (shooting, passing, puck control), and positional strategies. AtoZ will also offer an off-ice dry land training program in the
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The second store will be located in , a 15-minute drive West from the current store. presents another demographically ideal market for a second location of AtoZ Hockey.
- AtoZ Hockey has conferred with franchising consultants to determine potential franchising opportunities should this location experience overwhelming success.
- AtoZ has also consulted weight training specialists on potentially offering an off-season weight training program for players aged 16 and up. AtoZ has yet to determine if a market exists for such a program.
- AtoZ endeavors to become the official supplier to local varsity hockey teams such as the

- AtoZ deems price reduction strategies by primary competitor, , a threat to customer loyalty. Because of their buying power and inventory reduction strategies, may be able to respond by severely cutting prices.
- AtoZ also anticipates heavier community-wide marketing strategies by, some of which include coupons, flyers, frequent sales, etc.
- AtoZ mildly considers the off-season (summer months) as a threat to its viability. However, AtoZ is supplementing this downtime with off-season training programs.

Objectives and
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This will ensure that inventories are current and up-to-standard. In addition, AtoZ will closely monitor their relationship with King George Elementary School by tracking the number of students whose parents make purchases at AtoZ. This can be accomplished by outfitting students at the school with a personalized loyalty card which guarantees that a percentage of their purchase is donated back towards their school. Not only does this sponsorship help promote healthy, active lifestyles at King George, it arms AtoZ with valuable marketing information that can be used to identify active markets and enhance promotional strategies

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