Case Study Of An Accident At MRT Corp's Semantan Site

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Assignment 1 Construction Engineering
I. Introduction ( 2 marks)
(Describe the accident based on the case study)

On February 27,2015 ,there was an accident that happened at MRT Corp’s Semantan site. This accident had caused three workers which come from Bangladesh. According to MRT Corp, there were one worker named Rijaul Abdul Goni, 40 died on the spot and another injured which called Shanaullah, 37, has been sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital. But fortunately, there was a worker named Rozlu Karim escaped injury from accident. Before the accident happened , they were assembling the rebar cage, suddenly the ties that held the rebars gave away and fell on them. Finally,
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However, the initial information received stated that the incident occurred at 1.20pm. They are puzzled as to why they (MRT Corp) (Cilent) did not alert they immediately after the incident happen. Despite this, according to the statement in this wesite( , we know that the contractor for the site, Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd(Contractor) , called the emergency number 999 at 1.38pm yesterday, approximately 18 minutes after the incident. This means that Sunway Construction’s site engineer on duty Encik Syed Asyraf Syed Yahya(Contractor) had followed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which includes informing the authorities immediately after any accident had happened. Jabatan Pertahanan Awam personnel arrived at the scene about 15 minutes later and administered first aid to survivors. For the MRT Corp(Cilent), based on report mentioned, this kinds of accidents had happened for the last June and August. However, they still cannot prevent the accident to occur. There might be a problem on communication between the worker, contractor and client. The report did not mentioned that whether the construction workers had wear the personal protective equipment(PPE) all the time, therefore I cannot make a conclusion on the misconduct by

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