Summary: Global Financial Support

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Global Financial Support
As a direct result of Amazon’s overall growth in relocation activity during the past eight years, there has been a tremendous increase in the volume of financial transactions, both domestically and internationally, that are summarized and processed through Graebel’s invoicing processes. While there have been some missteps in the past, Graebel has always been committed to achieve the highest level of fiduciary responsibility on behalf of Amazon and has been quick to address and correct any inaccuracies. Graebel continues to work with Amazon’s financial team on implementing new processes and audit steps in order to prevent all errors and inefficiencies, that when combined with the implementation of a new financial platform
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The updated pricing presented in this document assumes that model remains in place. However, one of the concerns that has been brought up with this approach has been the transparency with what is received from the supply chain. As such, Graebel has committed to share all contracts, as requested, with their providers to verify what fees are collected. As the new pricing is reviewed, it should be noted that every dollar reduced in the management fee is a direct reduction in the revenue Graebel generates on this account. Said another way, the referral income collected from Graebel’s supply chain on the Amazon business will not be increased to offset the reduction in management fees that Amazon will no longer …show more content…
Projecting out, the growth rate over the next five years will be 200%. While there has been noise in the program from time to time during those eight years, it should be stated that it is not uncommon given the size and nature of the activities that occur in a large global mobility program. That leads to the question as to why would Amazon make a switch from Graebel? In each of the critical areas above, Graebel has provided a clear plan to manage each one. Over the past eight years, when issues did arise, they took accountability and worked to ensure they never happened again. To that point, Graebel has shown themselves to be an honest, transparent organization that has gone through the same growth pains that Amazon experienced during this same period. Like Amazon, they have matured as an organization and have been successful in managing this

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