Case Study: Identify The Nursing Care Delivery Model

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Managing Resources. Care Delivery Model.

Identify the nursing care delivery model in this case study and describe its effectiveness. The nursing care delivery model identified in this case study is the primary nursing hybrid: patient-focused in the emergency department (ED), maternity unit and medical-surgical units (non ICU or intensive care units); because in these units the registered nurses (RNs) are the patient’s primary nurses from admission to discharge paired or assisted with unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) who provide patient-side care (take vital signs, assist with bath and toileting needs, answer call lights and deliver trays among other assigned care activities) according to their scope of practice. The effectiveness of this
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The effectiveness of this model, which became popular during World War II, is first that each staff member becomes efficient at specific tasks, and much work can be done in a short time. Second, the UAPs can be trained to perform to perform one or two specific tasks very well as stated the case study paper: “…the UAPs document observations on the patients every 15 minutes and provide one-on-one safety observation as needed.” Finally, the hospital benefit financially because care can be delivered to a large number of patients with a fixed number of RN’s and a larger number of UAPs. (Yoder-Wise, …show more content…
Besides, a multidisciplinary team formulates plan of care after the primary nurse & physician have evaluated the patient which definitely will improve patient recovery and outcomes. In my opinion, it is fairly efficient even when Metropolitan Hospital employs principally RNs and this model initial implementation could be expensive to the hospital due to the required changes in the physical environment where care is delivered. These services must be decentralized; therefore, satellite laboratories, radiology facilities, pharmacies, and supply rooms must be geographically proximate to the patient rooms (Yoder-Wise,

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