Case Study : ' Hazel ' Essay examples

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Hazel was terminated after almost 15 years of service with Fortune 500 Company. The company released Hazel and about 400 of her co-workers unexpectedly following the new CEO’s decision to down size. Hazel began her job search, however almost a year passed and she still did not find any other employment. Luckily she was able to make a little money mowing lawns for a few of her neighbors. As more time passed and no job offers, Hazel decided to go into business for herself. Little by little her business began to grow. More people were asking her to take care of their lawns. By the end of her first year in business, she added more services like fertilizing, weeding and trimming shrubbery. Hazel’s new business was doing so well that she was able to hire a couple part-time employees to assist her.
1. Hazel’s customers are most likely to judge the quality of her lawn care services. It will be important to make sure the length of grass is at the right height. Cutting grass too short will dry out the grass and cause the customers to water their lawns more frequently. Another factor is cut quality, making sure not leave any lines of grass that are uncut. Cut timing will also be a quality factor. Timing the cuts at the right time, not too late but not too early. Finally the cleanup, part of the lawn care quality will be making sure not leave any grass or shrubbery trimmings once the job is complete.
2. Since Hazel is the operations manager of her own business, she will…

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