Case Study: Fat To Fit Faty

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If a genie gave you the chance to change one thing about your body, what would you wish for? I’m sure most of them would ask for a flatter belly in order to look more attractive and carry themselves well in the society. The more birthday candles you blow out, the more difficult it is to keep belly fat at bay. So do not wait until it’s too late.
Countless diet books have been written to introduce the most recent diets to overweight individuals who live around the world. Some of those diet books have become tried and true classics while others are fads which burned brightly for a while but eventually died out. How do you know which diet book will help your body lose the extra weight it’s gained over the years? Do not fall
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There are few people I know where the body remains lean but their abdominal area has become huge. The excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen has built up to an extent that it is likely to have a negative impact on health.
First, why does fat get accumulated around stomach?
The reason is abdomen has many organs and whatever the junk we consume gets stored over there and later turns into an organ fat also known as Visceral Fat. An excess of visceral fat is known as central obesity, the "pot belly" or "beer belly" effect, in which the abdomen overhangs excessively. This body type is also known as "apple shaped‚" as opposed to "pear shaped‚" in which fat is deposited on the Stomach, hips and buttocks also. Hope I’m making myself pretty clear. Excuse me if I haven’t. I’m sure you will get the thread as you keep reading along.
So now how can we fix it?
Let me tell you one thing pretty clearly, it’s impossible to remove or reduce fat from one particular part of the body, or just targeting single portion will not give you the results, you have to drop your overall body fat percentage to see the
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Also sugar doesn’t have any nutritional value it just gives you empty calories which later turned into fat. Try to satisfy your sweet craving through Fruits.
2. Eat Clean: Nutrition plays an import role; your diet must contain food which are enriched in Protein (Eggs, Meat, sprouts etc.), Fiber (whole grains, Fruits etc.) and Healthy Carbs (Oats, Brown rice etc.). Always prefer homemade food and try to avoid packaged and outside junk stuff.

3. Eat raw vegetable: We have been always told that eating vegetable is good for health and trust me it is; but note that it should be uncooked because in cooking process vegetable loses its vital nutrients and it won’t be that much effective. Thus have raw vegetables (cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, broccoli etc.) before your meal to kill stomach fat.

4. Cut down Alcohol consumption:

Alcoholic drinks add high amounts of calories to your daily intake without giving you many nutrients. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. Alcohol may also increase your desire for food, prompting you to eat more for a meal or snack, Limit your intake of alcohol to help control the number of calories you consume and enhance your ability to lose stomach

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