Eu Case Study Essay

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1. Europeanization of the Balkans. Case study of Croatia as an EU MS and Montenegro as an applicant member.
2. Croatia as an Intermediate between the European Commission and Applicant MSs in the Western Balkans. Croatia-Montenegro Relations.
3. The Balkans from Communist dissolution to European Integration. Development in Croatia and Montenegro.

A) Description:
European integration in the Balkans, in specific Croatia and Montenegro, has been crucial whether to achieve or not achieve full membership. Enlargement fatigue of the EU in the east has led to changes at several levels in the EU. The main challenge remains when equating the benefits and burdens, which the EU must face, if more countries join. The EU has become stricter and less willing to accept new MSs. Croatia managed to satisfy the EU and became a member but Montenegro is an applicant member state. Croatia and Montenegro used to form part of ex-Yugoslavia.

B) Aim:
A special focus will be on the past and current situation in Croatia and Montenegro. The countries' relationship with the EU, and the Western Balkans themselves, is crucial for further enlargement. The study will
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One of the particular conditions is geography; which implies being in Europe. Croatia and Montenegro are both in Europe in the Western Balkans. Both developed a better political system, after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The Copenhagen Criteria clearly outlines the political and economic reformation, which must take place, before accession. The Aquis Communitaire has several important steps which must be implemented before and after accession. The Western Balkans must find common solutions to deal with security issues in the region by peace keeping among themselves. Economic disparities rationally will still exist in which at the same time they are submitting to the Internal Market. Croatia and Montenegro has adapted different stages

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