Case Study Cirque Du Soleil

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Register to read the introduction… Wastage of funds, lack of proper project management, weak integration of IT solutions and incoherent technology. 5. Lack of Vision in terms of IT. 6. Improper business acquisition and investments and technology transfer. 7. A complete overhaul of IT management was needed. 8. SAP was not alone enough and needed up gradation, which was not possible.

Let us now discuss the solutions for the above major problems that Cirque faced in the process of IT integration.
1. Cirque could have increased the number of technicians when they knew they were going to face the problems. For any IT project to run in a smooth way, they need to have a set of rules and protocols to follow. They need to abide by the rules to have achieve success. Cirques did not have any proper planning, all they wanted was to implement IT, which actually was not the right step to take. They could recruit the IT team exclusively to implement things better.
2. In lay man terms, introducing IT means building a network of computers. But in the case of Cirque, it was completely different. They only could manage to setup stand alone computers with great difficulty. They did not have proper Infrastructure to coordinate different systems together. They could have invested more on the infrastructure, which in turn would have helped in the growth of the
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In order to implement their IT in a proper manner, they should concentrate more on the properly spending their funds, have proper project management, build up a strong IT development team, have proper vision and most importantly coordinate their systems into a network. In a nutshell, they should overcome all the problems and challenges that they faced to implement a full-fledged Information Technology solutions.

I feel having proper vision is very important. In order to implement something in an organization, they need to have a strong planning for what they are doing. Having proper Vision would lead everything in the right way. Their Vision should be to "incorporate IT" into the firm but not to "incorporate IT into the firm in a feasible manner." There is a lot of difference between those two phrases. The former phrase gives them a feeling to implement IT in some way or the other, whereas, the latter says implement it in a feasible manner, by analyzing everything. So, I feel having a proper Vision is very important.

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