Case Study : Case With Debbie Essay

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Case Study with Debbie
Karishma Ahmed
University of St. Thomas Debbie, a 60 year old Caucasian oncology nurse, has presented herself for treatment due to the recommendation of her brother as she was having trouble managing her life. Debbie is one of six children whose father passed away 15 years ago and mother lives in a nursing home. Debbie’s primary care taker was her older sister since her father was in the Navy and gone for months at a time. Her mother, suffering from bipolar disorder, would disappear without notice at times and frequently hospitalized during other times. In her current situation, she mostly receives social support from her brother and younger sister and does not express that she has any close knit of friends. She is a single, heterosexual, independent woman who has lived alone most of the last 30 years. Debbie does wish for a relationship at times but feels that men do not find her attractive. Recently, Debbie has made some poor decisions, such as letting a homeless man sleep on her living room couch. She has also collected an amount of possessions which prevents her from simply walking in her home. Her collection of items is so overwhelming that when a small fire took place in her kitchen, the firefighters were unable to reach the windows to air out the smoke. Though Debbie is financially stable, she fears that her retirement will leave her with little or no money which is why she holds on to her belongings believing they will bring her…

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