Case Study : Being The Boss Essay

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Being the boss comes with a number of responsibilities. Being able to manage a facility and your subordinates properly, is a task that many could not handle and it is also a skill that many, simply do not obtain. I believe a true boss is a reflection of the outcome of the organization. In order to be a manager, you must first know what it means to manage yourself, before taking on the responsibility of managing others. Author Linda A. Hill of Becoming the Boss breaks down to the audience that becoming a manager doesn’t require some chemical conjunction to be mixed and applied to the matters of management, being the boss relies on facing problems that will approach you at ANY given time and your job is to handle those problems. Hill emphasizes that this is a workplace “norm.” The boss realizes that what is normal and what is expected are two completely different things. Managing, I would only imagine, can be a difficult position to fill. There are umpteenth decisions, reports, assignments, etc. that needs to be handles by managers and there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what managers are expected to do and about their feelings towards those expectations. One of the myths that author Hill mentions in the article is: Managerial focus: Managing one-on-one “My role is to build relationships with individual subordinates.” (Hill, pg.4). I’m sure some managers are believe that they must gain a personal relationship with their subordinates but, this is not at all…

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