Essay on Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc., is an American technology company based from California. The company creates, develops and sells electronics, cell phones, software for computers and online services. The founder of the company is Steve Jobs. Jobs vision, dedication and love for electronics made him one of the most successful and savvy businessman in the world. Apple is one of the top brands in technology and electronics industry. People will stand in line for days, in order to purchase a new lunched Apple product. Apple very recently designed and developed an Apple-Watch (smart watch) and this was revolutionary.

Samsung is multinational technology company headquartered in Korea. Lee Byung Chul, was the founder of the company and his main focus was creating and changing the way people would use the technology in modern days. His main goal was developing new and affordable products for everyone and for any age. Samsung is very well known company and it competes along with companies like Apple, Sony and Panasonic.

It is been over three years since Apple and Samsung are in a legal battel for their patent. Apple claims, that Samsung stole the patent idea from their company and created their own and now selling it for less. This war costing consumers a billions of dollars and got our continent spinning. Steve Jobs claims that his company had a secret project that created, developed and designed iPhone. He claims that Samsung stole the idea from his company and developed the cheaper…

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