Case Study : Another Replica Of Mattel Doll Essay

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Another replica of Mattel Doll is thirty-four-year-old Justin Jedlica. Justin has undergone one hundred and ninety cosmetic procedures to transform into a human Ken Doll. (daily mail). It all started when Justin began to feel insecure about how big his nose was years back. He had five rhinoplasties surgeries and still is not quite pleased with the shape of his nose. Justin reveals how he wants to be 100% plastic and how he does not plan on stopping with the surgery. So far Justin has undergone butt surgery to imitate Kim Kardashian. Also the botched TV star underwent a back enhancement surgery with back implants that were hand crafted by himself. He has also had brow reshaping, lip injections, cheek augmentation and etc. He has spent more two hundred and twenty thousand dollars on at least twenty plastic surgeries. Now that Jedlica is somewhat satisfied with the presentation of his body, he is now going under the knife again to fix the veins in his forehead, this is marking the most dangerous procedure he has ever had. Justin wants to mock Julia Roberts vein that pop in her forehead when she smiles. He was turned down from several top plastic surgeons because it could result in him going blind. Happily, the surgery was a success and Justin did not doubt he was not going to be fine. “As a very detail oriented person I always find something new to critique and fix.” (the gloss). All because Justin Jedlica was unhappy with his nose, he’s found other things about himself, that…

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