Case Study Analysis And Report : Lorna 's ' 26 Year Old Suffering With Borderline Personality Disorder '

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Lorna-Case study analysis and report.

Lorna is a 26 year-old suffering with borderline personality disorder, however experiences several other difficulties which could be clarified through psychological analysis. Lorna is intensely in permanent trepidation of rejection, even when BPD was diagnosed she was apprehensive to tell anyone based on this. Lorna also finds it extremely difficult to express emotions, resulting in mood swings over short periods of time, concluding in her feeling all emotions from excitement to hopelessness powerfully within an affair of hours. She also finds that she can perceive things in either black or white, resulting in her being able to enjoy being around an individual to really disliking them within one episode, having a causational effect on her relationships, this can be derived from previous abusive relationships she has been in, however now she has a loving understanding boyfriend she finds it increasingly complex to trust his good will. Sometimes Lorna has chosen an impulsive ideas rather than reasoning prior making a decision. It is distinguished by Lorna’s close friends and family she executes herself as a happy-go-lucky all around bubbly person however she feels as though she really wants to scream, this can be intertwined with Lorna’s resist to stick with the responsibility of working and sometimes finds it easier to run away from this responsibility.
In consideration of Lorna’s summary of difficulties within emotions, it…

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