Case study 8 Essay examples

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Case study 8,

1. Toshimi grew up very sickly and fragile (Ashcraft, 2013). Because of this, her parents were very overprotecting of her. They did not want her to play too aggressively or run around for too long. Toshimi had very few friends in school and was always the last one picked for games. She chose to be alone and watch television in her free time. She saw a show about the ballet and her interest was immediately perked. She began taking ballet classes; her teacher was very patient and helpful with her which made her comfortable (Ashcraft, 2013). Toshimi was very determined, she wanted respect as an athlete. Although Toshimi began as a very clumsy student, she did not listen to the other students making fun of he (Ashcraft,
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I think that, according to this theory, Toshimi was a person of high social interest. She cared for others and was not selfish about her career. For example, when Toshimi was taking classes, she acted as an older sister to the younger girls. She helped them get better at their technique and understand the choreography. This shows that Toshimi was not being selfish. I believe that the cause of this level of social interest is the way her instructor was encouraging to her and was helpful the entire way. Finally, one can look at birth order to explain Toshimi’s personality and behavior; she had 110% of her parent’s attention as she was growing up and preferred to be with adults than the children at her school (Stein, 2014). Both Bandura and Adler can be used in either of the two case studies previously analyzed. Bandura could explain how Toshimi adjusted to the difficult setting in the dance studio by saying that she had self-efficacy; Toshimi believed she could, therefore she went for her goals and was successful (Boeree, 2014). One can also take Adler’s theory of social interest levels and apply it to Ruth’s life. According to what he said about his theory, Ruth had a high level of social interest just like Toshimi did. You can see her high level of social interest when she focuses on helping other people through her business and not complaining that she is blind. This is a great example of how she was not selfish. Between the two theorists, I can most

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