Essay on Case Study 1

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S.R is a 69-year old man who presents to the clinic because his “wife complains that his snoring is difficult to live with.”
1. As the clinic nurse, what routine information would you want to obtain from S.R.? * How long has this issue been occurring? * Do you take any medications? * How do you sleep at night? * Describe your normal daily routine and sleeping routine? (Time you go to sleep; how long you sleep average every night) * What is your diet consisting of? * Do you have any breathing difficulty throughout the daytime?

After interviewing S.R., you note the following: S.R. is under considerable stress. He owns his own business. The stress of overseeing his employees, meeting
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* Polysomnogram (Sleep Study)- Records specific physical activities during sleep and then analyzed to identify which disorder the patient has.

5. S.R. and his wife ask why it is so important to determine whether or not S.R. has OSA. You would tell them that properly diagnosing OSA is important because effective treatment is necessary to prevent which common complications of OSA? (Select all that apply)
A. Stroke
B. Early onset of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
D. Right-sided heart failure
E. Cardiac dysrhythmias

Case Study Progress
The primary care provider (PCP) examined S.R. and documented a long soft palate, recessed mandible, and medium-sized tonsils. S.R.’s overnight screening oximetry study shoed 143 episodes of desaturation ranging from 68% to 76%; episodes of apnea were also documented. He was diagnosed with OSA with hypoxemia, and a full sleep study is ordered.
6. S.R. and his wife ask about a full sleep study. How would you explain a polysomnogram to them? * I would say to S.R. and his wife “A polysomnogram is just a long word for a sleep study. A sleep study is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. It records the brain waves, oxygen in the blood, heart rate and breathing pattern- all while sleeping. It is done at usually at a hospital or sleep center and you will come in the evening and be there all night until the next morning. There are few to no risks associated with the study. The test is

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