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To: Ellen Schall, Commissioner New York City Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)
From: Lei Liu, Consultant
Subject: Recommendations for a New Mission Statement
Date: January 27, 2013

Recommendations To draft the new mission statement, I suggest following the process: * Review the New York City Charter for DJJ
The Charter provides the major duties that DJJ must fulfill. Therefore, when creating the new mission statement, reviewing the content of the Charter is necessary. * Clarify the Core Purpose of DJJ
The core purpose guides the employees and the organization, and helps the daily decision-making. * Target the Stakeholders and Expectations Stakeholders’ expectations reflect what the DJJ should do. The
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Also, there were some violations of the Charter. The detained juveniles did not receive much care from the DJJ, and the Spofford even had bad reputation for providing unsecured environment and engaging in child abuse. Thus, the public image of DJJ was damaged. Then, NSD did not have clear direction of goals, and the management was disordered. For example, the NSD itself did not keep any records for the children. Moreover, the Aftercare program was not properly designed. The criteria for receiving the Aftercare were unrealistic; therefore, only few children were eligible for the program, and the mission of NSD was not fulfilled completely. Also, the staff was confused over the DJJ’s mission and core purpose; they were not clear about their roles and duties. Thus the management was loose and disordered.

Implementations * Meet the Charter Requirement Fulfilling the legal mandates is the basic frame for DJJ, and the City Charter has some limitation for DJJ. Making sure that the new mission statement meets the requirement of the Charter is significant, otherwise the statement is invalid. Consulting and talking to the person who is proficient with the Charter, or someone who is from the city government, is a good way to ensure that the new statement meets the legal mandates. * Involve the Stakeholders Involving the stakeholders is necessary to develop a good mission statement, because it provides both

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