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Module Title: Cases in Marketing
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Assignment Title: Case Study: Target the Right Market
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Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Year 2, 2013

Birmingham, United Kingdom
11th, March 2013

This report explores case study of SparkPlace that was originally influenced by the case of HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0 (Steenburgh, 2009), an online-marketing software company. Due to the limited resources available to this company, it wants to target two available markets: small businesses with no more than 20 employees and medium-size businesses with 20 to 100 employees.
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Since both markets should be targeted, five perspectives should be considered to manage limited resources comprehensively and effectively (Rampersad, 2003). The other reason for the use of ‘balance score card’ is because it helps translate details of the plan from the external and internal analysis conducted in advance, as alternative choice for ‘budgeting’ (Hope and Fraser, 2003).

Firstly, increases in sales and cash flow and improvements of ROI should be set as ‘key goal indicator’ to maintain further and consistent developments of the software.
Secondly, from the corporate objectives, Sparkplace needs to make other companies’ business process easier through the software. In Sams market, establishing customer loyalty is necessary to penetrate and acquire more clients by offering the software designed to be utilised easily. By contrast, upgrading the software of functions further to implement Marys businesses effectively would be required. Therefore, improvement of the effectiveness of internal business in Sparkplace, should be developed by promoting meetings beyond departments to communicate each other in order for acquiring and utilizing more accurate information qualitatively and quantitatively from outside and inside (Locke and Latham, 2013). This will be the first action to begin with, and be assessed by the number of reports to be submitted from each department to

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