Boo Radley: Saint Or Saint?

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Can someone be both a sinner and a saint? I believe that they can, and I believe Boo Radley is an example of this. Upon first glance of the evidence one would consider him guilty of his charges of assault, stalking, and murder, especially since he had a reputation as a monster in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama; however, if one delves only 10% deeper into each event one would instantly dismiss the case for each on various grounds. In chronological order, the first criminal charge against Boo Radley (also known as Arthur Radley) is an event that occurred nearly 20 years prior to the trial. The charge is second degree assault against his father with a pair of scissors (a Dangerous Instrument according to Alabama Code § 13A-1-2 and not a …show more content…
According to Alabama code § 13A-6-90, stalking in this degree includes harassing or following a person and threatening (either directly or through implied meaning) murder or severe physical harm. The reason he would be charged with this is that Jem, Scout, and Dill feared that they could be killed or injured by going onto his property at night (Lee, 54).However, when one looks at the evidence put forth on the side of the defense, it is clear to see that he never intended harm and was giving them gifts out of the goodness of his heart. The fear that they had of Boo Radley was simply due to the popular rumors about his deranged mental state and violent temper, which were only grounded in his recluse disposition. In the end of the story, his innocence and humanity are proven by his protection of the children against the attacks of Bob Ewell (Lee,301-302) Due to the age of the alleged victims of this crime it would most likely be taken to court, however an impartial Jury (most likely found through a change of venue) would find him innocent of this crime. The past two crimes have been regarding decreasing the quality of someone’s life; however the final crime involves ending it. Boo Radley supposedly committed the murder of Mr. Bob Ewell on a certain Halloween night. There is debate whether it was Jem or Boo Radley who murdered Mr. Bob Ewell. If he were convicted, Boo Radley faces life imprisonment, however not the death penalty due to Alabama Code § 13A-5-40 which deals with capital offenses, which the murder of one person through stabbing is not listed nor

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