Case Analysis : ' The Seven New Orleans Police Officers ' Essay

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In a recorded conversation, Williams told Adams he could protect his drug operation, but he needed to bring his partner in on it. In 1994, Davis and Williams provide Adams police protection. The informant Terry Adams delivered about 7.5 kilograms of cocaine, each officer was paid $500 per kilo. May 4, 1994, Adams and undercover FBI agent Juan Jackson who posed as a New York drug dealer named ‘JJ” he made everyone strip to show that they were not wired.” Len Davis agreed to hire some of his police officer that worked with him, to protect the large quantities of cocaine for three days. Davis recommended that the drug courier to avoid detection by law enforcement officers to do the doing speed limit so they won’t be pulled over (winters, 2014).
The seven New Orleans police officers that where recruited by Len Davis to guard the warehouse was, Sergeant Carlos Rodriguez, Adam Dees, Christopher Evans, Keith Johnson, Sheldon Polk, Bryant Brown and Larry Smith. These officers worked two to four days at the ware house doing twelve hour shifts. During the time these officers guarded the warehouse that had more than 100 kilograms of cocaine was passed in and out the building. These officers had complained about sitting outside the warehouse, because the patrol cars didn’t have no air condition. The recordings from their vehicle that was bugged they overheard Brown and Dees saying that they were going to take over the operation and betray their friends. They were heard them saying…

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