Case Analysis Of River Woods Field Manager

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1. The displacement of Edgemont employees from their current positions to new positions in the River Woods Facility, and dealing with the inevitable concerns and complaints from employees in a small country town who are unsettled by the new plans.
2. Identifying a suitable person to fill the position of a General Manager for the River Woods Facility who can manage the change from Edgemont Plant to the River Woods Facility and into the future.
3. The introduction of a new form of automated production process, not previously seen in appliance manufacturing is incredibly risky. If the new process is incorporated into production successfully it will ensure the long-term survival of
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It is not only important for the River Woods employees but also for ensuring that the Heritage Appliance Company management are confident with the work that is being accomplished at River Woods. As pointed out in Whetton & Cameron (2011, p315) there are four important characteristics that need to be present in a position of power in order to achieve it’s potential, centrality, flexibility, visibility and relevance. The plant manager needs to have the skill and expertise to harness the potential of the position.


The first actions the River Woods Facility General Manager should take include:
• Develop positive relationships with existing staff and community stakeholders to develop legitimacy in the position,
• Clearly communicate (via a variety of channels) to staff and community stakeholders the vision and details relating to the operation of the new plant,
• Assure staff and community stakeholders that you have a plan for the new plant, including how to manage staff that are being given opportunities to work at other

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