Case Analysis Behind Terrorist Recruitment Essay

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Case Analysis Behind Terrorist Recruitment
Terrorism is a serious problem in the current global community with increased cases witnessed recently. The issue affects many nations all over the world whether directly or indirectly. Most governments oppose terrorism, but a few groups of people including leaders in different countries condone and support active terrorism and terrorist groups. According to Miller (2013), terrorism is the illegal use of power and violence against people or property to threaten and coerce a government, the civilian population among other groups to pursue political or social objectives. The increased cases of terrorism globally show that many people including youths are being recruited in the terrorist groups to fulfill their aims and objectives. Therefore, terrorists have structured and deliberated strategies to radicalize and recruit people into committing acts of violence. One of the most central questions asked about terrorism is why people join terrorist groups and commit violence. After reviewing information from former combatants in one of the terrorists’ group, an Al-Qaeda branch, the report presents information about the motivators behind terrorist recruitment, factors that keep participants engaged, and reasons that contribute to loss of group enrollment.
Motivators behind Terrorist Recruitment
According to Samuel (2016), youths join the Al-Qaeda affiliated group when they are as young as 22 years old through the internet and connect with…

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