Case 3 – Lakeview Medical Center Essay

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Case 3 – Lakeview Medical Center

1.) Describe the method or methods you would use to determine priorities for both existing and potential services that the Lakeview Medical Center might offer.

In order to determine which existing and potential services that Lakeview Medical Center (LMC) should offer, strategists must assess several key components of each service line to test its validity. LMC will conduct a “brainstorming” session outside of the work environment to encourage strategic thinking amongst the administrators. To begin with, these administrators need to decide whether or not each service at-hand aligns with the medical center’s mission. If the service does not further the organizational mission or purpose, then it should
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These metrics will assist in establishing current and future sustainability and profitability by each payer type.
Once the patient measures have been revealed, LMC should then look at the metrics involving the care provided, and the providers providing that care in each specific service-line. Things such as expense per episode of care, average length of stay, volume of physicians, overhead and administrative expenditure utilized per service, and breakdown of full-time equivalents. These established criteria will render much information as it relates to LMC’s effectiveness of care and utilization of services.
Finally, other important criteria LMC should use in service-line decision making involve efficiency of services. This might include factors such as patient satisfaction, number of facility acquired infections, lab and procedural testing turnaround time, time in waiting room or on waiting list, and unnecessary expenses incurred by our own providers and services. This information can be examined for current and past services, and investigated for future services, based on historical data and a competitive analysis.

3.) The business units of the Medical Center provide services at different stages of the product life cycle. What implications does this situation have for the human resources functions of the Medical Center?

Decisions to develop, continue or divest in certain services

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