Case 1: Integrated Logistics for Dep/Gard Analysis Essay

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Case 1: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Analysis

Having attended the Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy as an intern to become a contract officer for the government, I was immediately intrigued at the way business was being conducted without fair and open competition. As we begin to break down the analysis of Case 1, supply management with be the focal point of discussion.
Supply Chain

As we take a look at where each company falls in the supply chain we can ascertain that GARD is the customer and DEP the supplier. The following diagram will attempt to break it down further:

As we look at the stages in this supply chain, we can see that procurement is the most important.
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For example, how does the product get to the warehouse? Is it not palletized prior too? Can a printing label machine be on hand with personal ready to shrink wrap the product? Which company of raw materials is closer? Is it possible to conduct business with the fast raw shipment supplier? Some problems we may have is that DEP management is not aware of the GARD’s current position and changing an operation could be costly. Again, is altering an operation worth one company’s business? The final change if any is price. Has DEP been staying in line with the market or have they kept their prices high as when then entered the market as a pioneer of in their perspective industry.
Business as Usual With over 15 years of business between DEP and GARD, there is little reason to have to “sell” the next year if the following suggestions and improvements by DEP are made. Some of the qualifying criteria should include but not be limited to: quality of the production, specifications met, timeliness of delivery, price. As the market, suppliers, and competition evolve, these aforementioned criterion will always change. Supply chain management requires attention to detail. You have to stay involved with the surrounding markets to maintain a competitive edge. The supply chain has to be clicking on all cylinders to maintain its functionality. DEP should have no problem in

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