Carpet Capital Culture Clash Essay

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Carpet Capital Culture Clash
The primary subject matter of this case concerns the issues faced in an U.S. company with a large percentage of immigrant Latino workers and the resulting interaction with their original Anglo workforce. There are numerous cultural misunderstandings in this case study between Anglo and Latino workforce. The Human Resource Department is unclear how to address the issues facing in the company.
The restroom
One of the cultural challenges that company is facing is soiled toilet paper scattered or piled all over the plant’s bathroom floors. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, the sewer or wastes pipes leading from the building are usually small in diameter compared with U.S. standards. In
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They like to separate their work, their emotions, and their personal relationships and are usually blunt and direct when it comes to speaking with others. Mexicans people are far more complex individuals. Mexicans find it very difficult to separate their work life and their personal life. Americans draw circles around the individual while Mexicans draw circles around the group. Mexicans feel comfortable as part of a group, placing their co-workers, close friends, and family members in overlapping circles. Americans, in contrast, are more likely to keep their work friends, their personal friends, and their family members as separate entities that tend not to interrelate with one another. Lastly, language barrier is another major issue other than cultural difference Angelo Americans are facing when working with Latino workers.
What did they do correctly The company hired bi-lingual employees to help translate company’s policies, procedures and key documents. Also, from the article, it is clear that Sam Haws as a HR manager is very concerned and involved on how finding ways to bridge the gaps between Anglo and Latino employees. It is always good to know the HR department puts high priority on promoting a diverse workplace.
What did they do incorrectly Company has a good intention to hire bi-lingual employees to help translate. However, instead of hiring bi-lingual employees

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