Career Before Marriage Essay

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Money may or may not buy happiness, but it can surely get independence, security and authority for a women in a marriage. I am from Pakistan, a third world country where most women are still considered property of their husbands. Consequently, there is little love between spouses and more compromise on the part of women in such marriages. This can be attributed to the prevailing attitude towards women in the society, but the major reason is that the women do not have a source of income. Their economic dependence subjects them to inequality and discrimination. I want to be independent, have my own identity and be on equal terms with my husband. Therefore, I intend to have a career before getting married.
Money impacts every relationship but
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This reliance is the cause of inequality and discrimination. This is one of the reason I want to establish my career first.
A career delivers economic independence. Along with individual freedom, economic independence also means I can back out of a marriage if it does not work for me. Women in Pakistan stay in abusive relationships mainly because they cannot provide for themselves. According to a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence. From birth till marriage they are dependent on their fathers, afterwards their husbands and later on their children, if they have any, or else on the mercy of their relatives. This also one of the reasons why women prefer sons over daughters.
Also, to keep the marriage intact these women have to make all kinds of compromises. Off course for a marriage to work compromise is required but it should be from both sides. However, this is not the case, in marriages such as these women are the one who end up making all the sacrifices. When I asked my close friend Hafsa Muhammad Hussain who is a great painter, if she would continue after marriage, her reply was “It would depend on my husband, if he will be okay with that.” On my further insistence as to it being her life, shouldn’t it be her decision? She solemnly stated, “You have to do what is best for the

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