Essay on Care Coordinator Manage Patients Transitions

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Care Coordinator manage patients transitions along the care variety with the inter- professional team. They are responsible to assist with coordinating and providing board management and population health services to patients within the practice who are more at risk for health deterioration or poor outcomes. They also utilizes the primary care medical home model which provide to help coordinate team care that will address current disease and provides broad management with follow up for the maximum number of patients per day. They are also responsible for scheduling patients with chronic conditions with appointment and maintenance care and preventative care. They also make outreach calls to patients missing appointments based on chronic and preventative guideline. They have multiple duties along with dealing with supervisor weekly meetings as well as meet with Care Team weekly to identify and implement actions to improve population management outcomes. Their job is to ensure that a medical facility is providing high quality care services. A coordinator helps to ensure patients understand every aspect of their care while also working with administration to create policies and make decisions that in the best interest of the patients. They interact in a manner, which is professional, respectful, and positive, and promote trust. They promote teamwork and communicate effectively with staff and the public by using critical thinking to make decisions and problem solving. They help…

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