Essay about Carbon Dioxide And Its Effects On Our Lives

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What is carbon dioxide? Where does it come from? What are the side effects of carbon dioxide being in our everyday lives? These are the types of question that may be floating around in people’s minds all the time. Well, carbon dioxide is a very important greenhouse gas that makes life possible on earth. While it makes living possible, carbon dioxide also has is negative side effects. Carbon dioxide is the byproduct of human and animal respiration but most of all, it biggest emitter is the burning of coal, gasoline and other natural resources. Carbon dioxide being a greenhouse gas, contributes a great deal when talking about warming the entire plants’ temperature; you may have heard the term “Global Warming”. With this problem at hand, government and companies all around the world are wanting to reduce carbon dioxide emission by building machines that can “clean” the air or “suck” out the carbon dioxide emitted by humans out of the air. But these projects are not free and come with a very hefty cost. One of the main questions that is being asked is “How do CO2 reduction techniques effect the economy and society, and how do the current plans impact current techniques of reducing CO2 emission?”
Carbon dioxide reduction techniques have a handful of effects on the economy and social world. One of the major effect these reduction techniques have on the economy is their price tag. Scientist have figured out a way of capturing the carbon dioxide that is emitted by coal power plants…

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