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In this essay I will be analysing the similarities and differences between the practical caravan text and the guardian text. The caravan text is an article advertising their attractions. Their audience is families looking for a holiday in the UK. There primary purpose is to persuade but their secondary purpose is to inform. However, the guardian text is a webpage and has a target audience who are parents. Their purpose is to engage the reader by being argumentative of two sides of a debate. The writers have used presentational devices to attract the audience and language devices to persuade them.

The caravan text uses presentational devices to evoke their idea and impress the audience such as images. The denotation of the family on the beach
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This is used to give the audience a good impression and catch the readers eye. The colour green is used which may relate that there are nature related attractions if you are eco-friendly. The practical caravan writer use vibrant colours that make readers feel happy and positive. The text also uses the colour blue for the sea this colour encourages families visit the sea side which is calm and peaceful to be beside. The colour blue connotes the cold and refreshing atmosphere. The colour blue is energising which can also represent power and control or peace and harmony. The subtitles are a light blue colour which shows the organisations is professional which links back to the audience. The colour blue also shows that there are water activities available such as swimming. The text also uses the colours orange and red which connotes the attractions that are available are in a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, when you are there it will be cosy and warm. This is deliberately done so families can spend more time at the attraction which equally suggests more money being made by the company holding the attractions. On the other hand, the colour red can also suggest the sense of urgency to illustrate the writers view. In the guardian webpage it only uses the colour blue which is used for the sparkling sea. This is trying to show that there are nice weathers to go on holiday it doesn’t matter whether its during term time …show more content…
The practical caravan states ‘family attractions’. This is key information which is larger than the other fonts. This links back to families with children who are looking for holidays which will engage the reader. The font is big and bold this makes it eye catching to get the reader’s attention. This also suggest that the attractions available is an excellent opportunity. The heading has a clear font which make is stand out from the rest of the article and easier to navigate across as the readers will easily consider its about going on holiday. The font is in a blue colour which is neutral and connotes freedom and enjoyment. However, the guardian webpage font is small for example the title states, ‘would you take your child on holiday during term time?’. Instead of catching the reader’s attention by making it eye catching it is asking questions to the reader which may engage them. The rest of the font is black and basic this is because it is a debate so they need to justify their points as it is an argumentative case and it has to be more formal. The webpage is to inform parents who have children in school. The font reflects on the writers use of it as the tradition of the guardian being a newspaper article adds formality. The guardian is a well-established, well-known company that delivers daily news which is reliable. The size of the font signposts that it is it important and parents should put their own opinion

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