Car Radio Is A Song That On The Surface Seems Like It Essay

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Car Radio is a song that on the surface seems like it is just about a man who lost his car radio, but when analyzed deeper the song is about much more than just that. In a lot of things. not just songs and poems, there are deeper meanings and a true source of why that piece was written. My objective is to show the reader to constantly try to look for a deeper meaning through the example of the song Car Radio by the band Twenty One Pilots.
The song starts off with the lead singer of the band, Tyler, saying in the first verse “My lungs will fill and then deflate / They fill with fire / Exhale desire” (Twenty One Pilots, lines 2-4), The fire is a metaphor for the singers passions and how he is filled with passion but all he does is wish because he is afraid of the outcome not going as planned. Next, the singer says “I know it’s dire / My time today” (Twenty One Pilots, lines 5-6) which means that as the singer is thinking to himself that he is aware that he does not have forever to do what he desires as he will eventually die. Tyler goes on to say in the hook that he consistently has these types of thoughts ever since someone stole his car radio and that he should just replace it with another because he now has to think to himself instead of just blocking his own thoughts out of his head by drowning it with music.
In the second verse the singer mentions that “Sometimes quiet is violent / I find it hard to hide it” (Twenty One Pilots, lines 14-15) which means that since there is…

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