Alpha Supply Company Case Study

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Capstone Preparation—Suppliers
Wahl holds many values in high esteem and is especially careful in choosing suppliers. Wahl relies particularly on fairness, sustainability, and safety. According to the Wahl Clipper Corporation Workplace Standards, Wahl has strict regulations against discrimination and strongly supports freedom of association. Wahl’s workers are free to believe what they want without judgment. Because Wahl values sustainability, it wants its suppliers to improve their environmental performance regarding the use of natural resources, clear productions, and reducing pollution. Finally, Wahl wants its suppliers’ environments to be clean and safe. Thus, Wahl must monitor its supplier’s systems and be allowed to access sanitary facilities.
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First, Alpha’s means of production aligns with Wahl’s workplace standards. It treats its employees well with reasonable working hours and good living conditions. Also, it operates in many markets. Alpha’s ability to expand to other markets demonstrates that it has the expertise to function well. With this, Wahl can depend on Alpha to delivering a consistent and proper supply. Regarding the public perspective, Alpha has not had any recent complaints. This preserves Wahl’s promise to maintain its workplace standards. The single disadvantage of working with Alpha Supply Company is the expensive price of its services. Beta Manufacturers provides jobs for American workers and local workers in emerging markets. Like Alpha Supply company, Beta Manufacturers has high standards for its American workers. Unfortunately, Beta Manufacturers has been accused of overworking its local workers in emerging markets. It is important to note that its factories are open to audits, which aligns with Wahl’s standards. Its dedication to environmental protection also aligns with Wahl’s values. While Beta Manufacturers is not as expensive as Alpha Supply Company, it is still more expensive than Gamma Creation and Delta …show more content…
Reputable suppliers are expensive, but they are reliable and can promote Wahl’s image as a company with high standards. Suppliers that offer a cheaper price by sacrificing labor rights carry the risk of tainting Wahl’s brand name. Start-up suppliers offer a cheap price to increase their competitiveness, but their unpredictable outlook makes them a riskier investment. Start-up suppliers may also lack the resources and management skills to provide the same quality as the established suppliers, so cost and quality are another tradeoff. Efficiency and equity are also a major tradeoff. A supplier that promises efficiency may overwork their workers and pay them low wages.
Beta Manufacturer is consistent with Wahl’s values. Its green facilities and commitment to make the environment a top priority parallels with Wahl’s values on the environment. Beta Manufacturer’s confident denial to accusations about overworking and overloading its workers aligns with Wahl’s value of fair treatment of its employees. We are confident that Beta will supply in a manner that Wahl will allow and

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