Capitalism, Socialism, Today 's Economic System Essay example

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In today 's world, it is all about how much money you can make with the least amount of expense for yourself or your company. Meaning paying your employees with the least amount of money that you can and expect the same amount of work for less. Our jobs are depleting, they are going overseas for cheaper labor so that companies can make more profit. What is this? Capitalism, today 's economic system. Where the rich get richer and the poor get more poor. The solution? Socialism, where everyone has their basic human rights met or the elimination of poverty, more government involvement and workers receiving compensation for their hard work.

In socialism, everyone gets their basic human rights met, where basically, everyone is entitled to healthcare, rations, and shelter. Unlike capitalism, socialism creates a type of economic system that allows for the government to intervene more so where they can make sure that all of those are met. Although in America, we are technically a capitalist society, based off of economic situations, we still have a few socialist influences, such as food stamps, section 8, and financial aid. But we are not there yet. The problem with capitalism is that the companies seek the most profit possible. For example, recently the company EpiPen raised the price of its product from $57 to about $615.58 today (Massive price increases on EpiPen). Which is making the profits even higher on a product that is completely needed by many and would save their life?…

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