Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communism

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1. Fascist/totalitarian governments use propaganda for the sole purpose of promoting the view of the party in power. Propaganda is a method to control the media (newspaper, television, internet...) into a publication of biased information that would benefit a certain group/party. Examples of propaganda can be seen throughout history, it can be traced back to as early as the First World War. Opposing forces (the Allies and the Axis) put up countless propaganda posters across Europe and North America, encouraging its civilians to support and even join the force. Moreover, nowadays communist, fascist and totalitarian countries make use of propagandas as well. These governments use propagandas to keep its citizens from questioning the government/party and lead its citizens to become extreme nationalists.
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Advantages of socialism/communism can include equal pay rates between all members of the society, therefore lower class people can have the same pay as higher class and wealthier people, leading to a minimization in the gap between the rich and the poor. Another advantage can be free healthcare, this is due so that everyone receives the same medical attention and treated equally. Lastly, everyone can have a job. Due to the communist belief, everyone is equal and all citizens are entitled to jobs. However, every citizen must to their part for the economy to receive pay/other benefits. This ultimately leads to a more stable

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