Essay on Capitalism And Frederick Engels ' Views On Economic System

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This essay will be about Capitalism and Frederick Engels’ views upon this economic system. The essay will focus on historical materialism, the fundamental contradiction in capitalism, two other contradictions as well as the outcome of capitalism historical developed according to Engels perspective. Engels explains historical materialism as “… the ultimate causes of all social changes and political revolutions are to be sought, not in the mind of men, in their increasing insight into eternal truth and justice, but in changes in mode of production and exchange; they are sought not in the philosophy but in the economics of the epoch concerned,” (Frederick, Engels, 1939, 1). This means that historical materialism is a theory that states social change and political revolutions are caused by the economics of a time period. Production and the exchange of production are essentially the basis of social order; the separation of society into classes is decided by what is produced, how it is produced and how the product is exchanged. Generally, all changes that have been made were made because of the change of production and what would benefit the economy. All these changes were made as a capitalist viewpoint point. Whichever mode of production made the most money, would be the one used.

The fundamental contradiction in capitalism is between relations of productions and forces of production. In the Middle Ages production would be a skilled individual making their product by…

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