Capital Punishment 's Slow Death Essay

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In his article "Capital punishment’s slow death," George F. Will claims capital punishment is unjust. The death penalty is becoming used less over time, but Americans are still divided over whether it should be abolished or not. The movement created about capital punishment has split into liberals being against it and conservatives for it. This article is able to give insight into both sides, as George Will is a conservative who is against the death penalty.
The author of this article, George F. Will, is a Pulitzer Prize winner. He is mostly known for his conservative remarks on politics. In 1968 he obtained his PhD in politics, which allows the audience to view his facts and points as reliable. His award winning journalism and high level of education contribute to the ethos of the article. Also, the newspaper that published the article, the Washington Post, is neutral.
Throughout this article, George F. Will is attempting to make an appeal to American society and in particular conservatives. What sparked this article was the Nebraska legislature voting to outlaw “the death penalty 32 to 15” and recent oral arguments presented in the US Supreme Court about a drug used in the lethal injection that violates the “cruel and unusual punishment” policy in the Constitution. Nebraska is known to be a conservative state, but their decision was the opposite of what they typically stand for. Will, a conservative, uses his political views to demonstrate how capital punishment is…

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