Capital Punishment : The History Essay example

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Capital Punishment
The History of Capital Punishment in Canada British law was predominant in Canada until 1859, in which around 230 infractions, including the stealing of turnips, were punishable by death. Later in 1865, the law changed and only murder, treason and rape were considered capital offences. The first attempt to abolish this unusual punishment was taken in 1914 by parliamentarian Robert Bickerdike, stating strongly in the house "There is nothing, more degrading to society at large . . . than the death penalty." Sadly his attempts were not enough to abolish capital punishment. Later, in 1967 a moratorium was placed on capital punishment until 1976. Finally, in 1976 the bill (Bill C-84) passed with a close margin of six votes, abolishing capital punishment in Canada.
Today it has been over thirty-eight years since the abolishment of capital punishment, and just like in our history it remains eminently controversial topic. In an online survey held by Angus Reid Public Opinion, three in five (63%) Canadians supported the reinstatement of capital punishment while three in ten (30%) Canadians opposed it. With both sides in disagreement with each other, should Canada bring back capital punishment? Considering the two very different numbers above, I started my research by exploring the reason behind why many are supporting capital punishment or what factors are predominant in the support that there are very few opposers. I then looked towards the…

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