Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty Essay

1457 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
As the prisoner keeps taking his last mouthful to his scrumptious meal, he realizes that the clock keeps on ticking, knowing he will be escorted to the gas chamber any second, which will commence his departure to the afterlife. This remains as one of the several accounts of prisoners in their final moment, before facing the physical and psychological torment of the death penalty. Not only that, but the death penalty also affects the victim’s family to relieve the agony and grief of the death of their loved one for countless years. Due to various factors that remain out of their control, which would position families in a vulnerable state. As a result, capital punishment remains as the instrument for justice, which will have one sense of purpose, and that is to execute those that commit murder, sodomy, radicalism, and any transgression that the court of law decides upon. Furthermore, there exist numerous drawbacks to the death penalty that lead to additional harm than achieving a solution, and our emotions affects our logical reasoning; therefore, Americans should not advocate for capital punishment, unless their prepared to press the button to the gas chamber. On the other hand, there are advocates that support the death penalty, declaring that everybody would benefit from capital punishment, especially the victim’s family, which have endured so much misery and agony. However, that is not always the situation, considering when “…the death penalty is sought, the…

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