Essay on Capital Punishment Should Not Be Justified

1944 Words Jan 5th, 2016 8 Pages
In the past 5 years in Canada, there have been 2, 730 homicide offences. Now, just imagine 2,730 corpses all lying in a giant pile. The colour being drained from their skin, their body rotting from the inside out, their chance to keep living gone-- because someone else had the audacity to take away that precious life. To murder someone should never be justified and the best solution to this crime is capital punishment. A life for a life, as simple as that.
The definition of capital punishment is to legally authorize the killing of someone as punishment for their crime. Although capital punishment may seem unethical to some, it actually holds many advantages like, providing closure for those who loved the victim. ( the family of the victim who’s been murdered is already suffering through enough grief and sorrow, they shouldn’t have to deal with the possible scenario of the murderer getting to return back to their daily life, once they finish their sentence. The murderer has already deprived the family or friends of their loved one. With capital punishment as the solution, the family will be able to seek closure. The cause of the pain commenced when the murder happened so, when the execution happens it may not bring instant relief but, they’re able to find that closure with the murderer and can stop thinking about all of the possible scenarios that could happen-- for example, the murderer possibly escaping from jail and then killing other people, or the murderer…

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