Capital Punishment Is The Process Of Putting A Prison Inmate Essays

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Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is the process of putting a prison inmate to death. This process can be done by electrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, or lethal injection. In the state of Oklahoma, lethal injection, electrocution, and firing squad are all different ways inmates can be put to death; lethal injection being the main method (Method of Execution 2011). The process of lethal injection is very complex and intricate so many states have invested in computerized machines that inject the chemicals in specific quantities and intervals into the inmate. The inmates are injected with5.0 grams of sodium pentothal, 50 cc of pancuronium, and 50 cc of potassium chloride (Lethal Injection 2013). In 2014, 35 prisoners’ were put to death, over the past five years more than 225 prisoners were put to death, in The United States. Some of those inmates waited on death row for up to 30 plus years (Execution List 2013). Capital punishment creates more of a problem than it solves; it is cheaper to house the inmates in prison than it is to execute them, it causes not only physical damage but mental, and finally there has been many cases of wrongful conviction and execution.
On average the cost to house, clothes, and feed one inmate a year is almost $18,000; which comes down to about $1,500 a month or $50 a day.("Florida Department Crews) Taking care of inmates can get expensive very quickly. However, putting an inmate on death row is much more costly due to the long court…

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