Capital Punishment Is The Execution Of Criminals Essay

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Capital Punishment, a cruel way to end another human’s life would you not say? That is the opinion of eighteen states in the United States. As of April 30, 2015, there have been a total of 1,407 executions since 1976 ( Capital punishment dates back to 1976 where the Supreme Court used death penalty as a way of maintaining the minorities after the Civil War (University of Richmond Law Review, Stephen Bright, Essentially, capital punishment was very much tied to race. As of this day racial bias plays a key role between the defendant’s race and the race of the suffering by influencing the imposition of the death penalty. The death penalty should not be allowed to be practiced as a way of punishing inmates. It is inhumane and does not help to resolve the problems. It is very costly to the taxpayers as well as it is not a good form of deterrence.

What is capital punishment you might ask? Capital punishment is the execution of criminals that have done wrong and their record is insanely unforgivable and by which the only way to please the citizens and government is by ending their life. It is a serious issue with some cases considered as cruel and unusual punishment to the inmates on top of costing the taxpayers millions of dollars just to execute one criminal. Capital punishment influences does not mitigate the crime rate at all; instead, it has become out of hand towards lowering ourselves to murder or “punishment”…

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