Capital Punishment Is A Safer Place Essay

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Scientific research and advances provide the justice system with more accurate information that helps decide how to punish criminals—specifically the death penalty. Thirty-one states in the United States allow the death penalty. The United States needs to decide as a whole to enforce the death penalty under special circumstances. Facts provide Americans an understanding on why enforcing capital punishment makes society a safer place. Capital punishment should be implemented in all of the states across the United States. From January 1, 1997 to December 31, 2009, executions took the lives of 1,188 criminals in the United States. Different ways can be used to enforce the capital punishment. Of those executed by the death penalty, 1,016 were executed by lethal injection, 156 by electrocution, 11 by gas chamber, three hung, and two executed firing squad. Capital punishment was created for these three main purposes: there was no available prison that was secure enough for the criminal, powerful tool of white supremacy, and certain crimes are so inhumane that capital punishment is the only consequence that would justify the criminal’s wrong doings (Drehle l 11- 12). Lethal injection acts as one of the more common forms of capital punishment. A combination of sodium thiopental (amnesia), pancuronium bromide (paralyzer), and potassium chloride (induces a heart attack) all combine and work together as the lethal injection used. (“Did you know?” 1). Murder, rape, slave revolt, house…

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