Essay about Capital Punishment Is A Good Thing For Canada

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Are countries eligible to deprive personal right of life by social contract? Capital punishment, which is the punishment by death, has been practiced by many countries and cultures since the beginning of human history. That means capital punishment is the oldest and the most serious penalty for human beings. However, there are over two thirds of countries have abolished death penalty in law and in reality up to 2009. Canada is one of them, but some Canadians think capital punishment should be reinstated to Canada again. This essay would discus abolition of capital punishment is a good thing for Canada. Canadians should consider about some aspects before they want to reintroduce the death penalty: wrongful conviction, public opinions and economic costs.
The first reason that why Canada should abolish death penalty is to avoid wrongful conviction. Nobody can guarantee that they would not make any mistakes in their lives including the judges. To begin with, the limitation of technology is an important reason contributes to wrongful conviction. According to Diza and Garza (2015), there were over 300 post-conviction exoneration after the DNA technique advanced in1980s in the United States. Furthermore, take a example of Canadian cases, David Milgarrd, he was adjudged life imprisonment because he murdered Gail Miller in1969. Nevertheless, he was found not guilty by DNA evidence in 1997, and the government gave Milgaard $10 million for their erroneous judgment and his

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