Candide in El Dorado Essay

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The Meaning of El Dorado and its contrast with the rest of the world: El Dorado appears to be the perfect utopia, for others it represents an unrealistic place to live. For Voltaire this world meant his entire desire and dream about the perfect society. Many critics note that El Dorado is only a huge extravaganza because it consisted of contradictory statements. The meaning of El Dorado is a vision of the perfect society and represents a false paradise impossible to attain or approach by the destructive human nature. El Dorado contrasts with the rest of the world because at the time Candide was written by Voltaire He lived in one important periods of the humanity, “The enlightenment”. Around him, he saw many injustices perpetrated by …show more content…
Food served at the inn includes a 200-pound condor, 300 colibri hummingbirds on one platter and 600 hummingbirds on another. Such exaggerated sizes appear ludicrous; they also contrast sharply with Voltaire’s initial statement that the country is cultivated for pleasure as well as for need and that “everywhere the useful is attractive.”
As we can see the exaggeration by Voltaire has no limit and in a real world probably cannot exist with such excess. The visions of El Dorado of a perfect society contrast because there are extreme inequalities. For instance, Candide and Cacambo talk to the old man, and this give them a carriage with twelve servants that indicate an exaggeration and also indicate the different social inequalities, if everybody is equal why does a man has many servant.
On the other hand, the destructive human nature would never coexist in a perfect world such as El Dorado. All life beings in the nature lacks of common sense. This is evident in the nature of animals. They fight for their territory and tries to be superior in any aspect of its life.
Moreover, Shanley and Stillman believe that El Dorado contains many serious defects. These defects are marked by an irrelevant economic and social inequality, material extravaganza, and stunted human emotional and intellectual capabilities. They also state it is neither a completely good society nor one that human beings can recreate elsewhere.
Subsequently, El Dorado seems to be the perfect place to live

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